Home Healthcare Services Can Help With Mobility Issues

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Seniors often begin experiencing problems with mobility as they age, and these problems can progressively worsen over time. If you are a senior and are experiencing problems getting around, it might be time to hire a home healthcare company to help you with this. Here are several ways home healthcare workers can help you improve your mobility and offer you as much freedom as possible.

They make sure seniors have the equipment they need

Home healthcare workers are great at knowing what types of equipment seniors need, and they are able to help you arrange getting the right things. For example, if you are having trouble getting from room to room, the aide might suggest getting a walker to use to make this easier. The worker can also recommend other types of equipment, such as a chair designed to help you get up and down more easily, or they might recommend a mobility scooter, cane, or new bathtub. There are so many types of devices available today to help seniors who have mobility issues, and these devices can make a huge difference with the way seniors get around.

They work with seniors to improve mobility

The other key thing home healthcare workers are good at is helping seniors keep their mobility or improve it through various forms of therapy. Therapy often involves activities or exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve range of motion, and there are several key types that may benefit seniors who struggle with mobility issues. Here are two types that might help you with this:

  • Physical therapy – This form of therapy is great for helping people who cannot move their body parts like they should. If you struggle with arthritis, back problems, or any other problem that has caused you to not move as well as you would like, using physical therapy is a good option.
  • Occupational therapy – This type of therapy is used to help seniors do common, everyday tasks they have trouble with, such as brushing their teeth or putting on makeup.

If you feel that your mobility is keeping you from doing the thing you need or want to do, using therapy can help you with this.

If you want to keep your freedom as long as possible and be able to do things for yourself, hiring someone to help you might be a great option. Contact a home healthcare agency in your city if you would like to learn more about the services they offer. Consider contacting an assisted living professional to help answer your questions as well.