Worried About Your Aging Parents Living On Their Own? 4 Signs It Might Be Time For An Assisted Living Facility

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When you were young, your parents took care of all your needs. As you grew up, you began taking care of some of your own needs. Once you moved out on your own, you knew you were responsible for all of your own needs. However, you might not have thought about the time when your parents would no longer be able to care for themselves. It can be difficult to acknowledge that your parents are aging, and that they may be reaching a point in their lives where they need help of their own. If your parents are advancing in age, it might be time to bring consider assisted living for them. Take a look at the signs described below. If any them seem familiar, it's time to get help for your parents.

Difficulty Getting Around the House

If your parents are no longer able to maneuver through their house the way they used to, or they're having difficulty getting in and out of the shower, it's time to make other arrangements for them. Assisted elderly living will provide your parents with the help they need to get around. Not only that, but you'll feel more secure knowing that your parents won't be injuring themselves while trying to care for their personal hygiene needs. Someone will be right there to give them the hands-on assistance they'll need.

Forgetting Important Appointments

If your parents are starting to forget important appointments, or events that they should be able to remember, their memory function might not be what it used to. If that's the case, it's time for them to have additional assistance. This is particularly true if they're forgetting medical appointments that are necessary for their well-being, or they're forgetting to take care of daily tasks, such as eating on time.

Problems with Their Medications

If your parents have medication that they take on a daily basis, and you're noticing that they need to be refilled more often – or less-often – than they should be, it may be time to move them to an assisted-living facility. Your parents may be taking more of their medications than they need, or not taking them often enough, which can both prove to be life-threatening for them. An assisted-living facility will ensure that your parents take their medications as prescribed.

Increased Emergency Situations

If you're noticing an increased number of emergency situations involving your parents, such as small fires, slip and fall accidents, etc., it's time to more your parents to a more safe and secure environment. Contact an assisted-living facility near you to discuss the options that are available for your parents.