Reasons To Move Into Assisted Living After A Spouse's Passing

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For many people, the move into an assisted living home is carefully planned. You might be ready to move out of your longtime home into assisted living when you're no longer interested in performing some of the daily tasks that you've done for years, for example. In other cases, a move into assisted living may not have a long planning phase. If your spouse passes away, you'll commonly find your life in a high degree of turmoil. Although you might be comfortable at home, it's worthwhile to consider making a move into assisted living at this time. Here are some reasons that this move can be sensible.


One of the biggest struggles following the death of a spouse is the immediate lack of camaraderie that you experience. It's common to be extremely lonely, and while members of your extended family can help to fill that void in a sense, they're not a long-term solution. Although moving into assisted living doesn't replace the loss of your spouse, you'll soon find that you're making friends, enjoying new activities, and regaining the social life that may have been suffering since your spouse's death.

A New Environment

For many people, it's emotionally difficult to remain in the house that they shared with their spouse. Whether you're in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, everywhere you look will remind you of your late loved one and the loss that you've experienced. It may be helpful for you to relocate, but buying a new home and moving is perhaps too big of an ordeal at this stage of your life. You may find that moving into assisted living helps. You'll have a new room that you can set up to your tastes, and while you'll likely want to have some photos of your spouse, you may find that the new environment is easier on you.

Protection Against Decline

Some elderly people experience a health decline after the death of a loved one. You may be concerned that this situation could come into your life — for example, you might begin to get forgetful without a spouse to remind you, or you may feel a little uneasy on your feet now that you don't have your spouse to take your arm when you walk. Declining health is a challenge in your own home, and a better environment for such a situation is assisted living. These facilities are set up to provide you with the care that you need when the need arises.

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