Helping Your Elderly Parent Cope With The Loss Of A Spouse Or Companion

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If your elderly parent lost a spouse recently, you may try to fill the void in their heart by spending more time with them. But if you work many hours during the week or have a family of your own to care for, you might not be there for your loved one as often as they need you to be. Your elderly parent may feel abandoned or angry with you because you can't be there all the time You can do something to help your loved one cope with their loss with the following information.

How Can Grief Affect Your Loved One?

When many elderly individuals lose a spouse or companion, they can feel isolated or out of touch with the world around them. Your loved one's grief can overwhelm them in ways you might not understand until you experience it yourself. Your elderly parent might lean on you more than usual to cope with their loss.

All of the factors above can place strain on your elderly loved one's life and health. If your parent already suffers from health problems, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, the stress in their life can potentially make things worse for them. Some elderly people may even develop sleep and eating disorders from their grief, which can have detrimental effects on their health. 

You can help your loved one overcome their loneliness by seeking senior home care for them.

Seek Senior Home Care for Your Loved One

Senior home care is designed to address or meet the physical, medical, and emotional needs of the elderly. Home care nurses, aides, and even companions can help provide the daily care your loved one requires to stay healthy and thriving. In addition, companions provide the emotional and personal support your loved one needs during their time of grief. 

The grieving process can take a long time to complete for some people. Individuals may also experience many other emotions during the process, including anger and denial. If your elderly loved one doesn't want to face the reality of losing their spouse or companion right away, they may become agitated or even angry with you. A home care companion can give you and your elderly parent space and time to heal without compromising your relationship. 

You can help your loved one cope with the loss of a spouse or companion by contacting a senior home care provider today, such as at Tri-Valley Personal Home Care Services.