3 Things To Pay Attention To When Touring Assisted Living Facilities

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If a family member needs to move into an assisted living facility, you want to make sure that they move into a nice facility that will provide for their needs. When touring potential assisted living homes for your family member, you want to make sure you pay attention to the little details.

Look at Cleanliness

The first thing that you want to pay attention to is the overall cleanliness level of the facility. Look at how clean the dining area, group living areas, and public bathrooms are. Look beyond the furniture and look at the baseboards and corners of the room. See if these spots are actually clean or are covered in dust. This will let you know if they just do surface cleaning or deep cleaning at the facility.

Pay attention to what you smell as well. If you smell one offensive odor, that may be normal. However, if you feel like you are smelling offensive odors all over the facility, that is a strong sign that not only does the facility not keep up cleanliness standards, they also are not taking care of the needs of the individuals in their facility.

Pay Attention to Friendliness

Second, pay attention to friendliness between staff members and residents, as well as the friendless between staff members with one another and the friendliness level of residents with each other.

How do they address and talk to each other? Do they interactions feel natural and flowing, or stiff like they are trying to maintain a certain level of professionalism because tours are taking place? Do you see signs the the staff and residents know each other and have some level of comradery?

You want your loved one to be taken care of somewhere where the staff is friendly with the residents and each other. A positive environment is important for your loved one's care.

Pay attention to the level of activity with the staff members as well. Are they rushing everywhere or are they taking their time with residents? Does their seem to be enough members on staff to meet the resident's needs?

Try out The Food

Don't just look at the food; see if you and your loved one can sit down and enjoy a meal. Find out what the menu looks look and what level of customization is offered. Even better, see if you can enjoy a meal with a resident, and get their input on the type of food offered.

People come from all types of food backgrounds, and you want to find a facility that will not only take care of your loved one, but provide them with the type of food that they need based on dietary restrictions and that they enjoy eating.

Food is important not just for physical health, but mental health as well, so make sure that the facility can accommodate your loved one's food needs.

When you tour assisted living facilities, be sure to look for signs that the facility is clean and well cared for, and that the staff and residents have a positive relationship with one another. Also, be sure to check out the food and make sure that it will meet your loved one's dietary and cultural needs.