Ways An In-Home Stair Lift Is Useful As You Age In Place

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If you've lived in your home for decades, raised a family, celebrated many holidays, and spent enjoyable days in comfortable surroundings, you may not want to move just because you're getting older. Some people love the idea of moving into a smaller condo, while others want to remain in their home as long as they're alive if possible. If you want to age in place, then you may need to make some changes to your home to keep it safe for you, and installing a stair lift could be a change that's necessary. Here are ways an in-home stair lift is helpful as you age.

When Steps Lead To The Door

If your home has a set of stairs leading to the front or back door, then you should consider if the stairs will be a safety hazard in your later years. Climbing up the stairs may be too strenuous, especially if you carry groceries or gardening supplies. Plus, outdoor stairs are often made of concrete, and falling on concrete stairs could give you a bad injury. One good thing about stair lifts for your home is that they can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

You can have a lift placed on a straight run of concrete stairs to your front door or a lift placed on a spiral metal staircase that leads to your back door. Without the benefit of a stair lift to your entry door, you might have to move out of your home just to make it easier to come and go.

When All Bedrooms Are Upstairs

When it gets dangerous for you to walk up and down stairs, you may consider moving your bedroom to the lower level. Sometimes that isn't possible unless you want to share the bedroom with a living room or dining room. When your home is designed with all bedrooms upstairs and no room for one on the lower level, then a stair lift is a good solution. You'll be transported between levels safely and never have to worry about falling down stairs.

When A Hobby Area Is In The Basement

If you spend a lot of time in the basement doing laundry, working on hobbies, or watching your favorite television shows, you won't want to give that up. Staying occupied with your hobby whether it's woodworking, painting, or some other activity will keep you more active and in better spirits. A stair lift may be necessary so you can get to the basement safely so you can continue to enjoy life's pleasures even when you have a harder time with safe mobility.

Having an in-home stair lift ensures your entire home is accessible to you when you can't walk up and down stairs due to mobility issues that arise from a medical condition, aging, or an injury. A lift could mean the difference between aging in your own home surrounded by memories and familiar things or having to move into an assisted living facility for your safety.