What Can You Do When Assisted Living Facilities Near You Have Long Waiting Lists?

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Many people will require senior care as they age. The natural solution seems to be putting such people in an assisted living facility. However, the occupancy rate of assisted living facilities in many parts of the country right now is quite high. This means that the person may not be able to find a place there immediately.

This is why many such communities have a waiting list. If you had your heart set on a facility near you only to find the waiting list is long, what can you do?

Consider In-Home Care Instead

Senior in-home care is a very good alternative to an assisted living facility. This type of care allows your loved ones to get the assistance they need within the confines of an environment that they know and love.

Putting someone on a long waiting list may not be an effective solution. After all, they may already be in need of some level of assistance. In-home care will ensure that they can be assisted immediately. 

Consider Another Facility

Many people put too much emphasis on choosing assisted living facilities that are closest to them with the intention of being able to visit often. However, if this facility has a long waiting list, it may be worth it to consider another retirement community in a different location. In some cases, you may find that the level of care is better at the facility that is further from you. Even if planning visits will be inconvenient, it'll be worth it if your loved ones are in good hands.

Plan Early

Rather than wait until the needs of your parents or some other seniors are pronounced, you should start planning for senior care early enough.

Start exploring your options in the neighborhood and those a bit further out. This will enable you to find out if there is a waiting list, how long the waiting list is, and the amount of deposit required to be added to the waiting list. This can ensure that your loved one is much higher up the list by the time they need regular care.

Know The Waiting List Policies

It would be a great shame to work your way up a long waiting list only to later realize that you've been bumped. Different facilities have different policies regarding their waiting list, and you may have to make a hasty decision regarding whether you want to take up an apartment.