How To Select An Assisted Living Facility

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Looking for an assisted living facility can leave you wondering whether you're going to make the right choice. You can, however, narrow down the options by taking the following approach.


For many folks, the list of available services will help them narrow things down quickly. If you or a loved one requires specific personal care services, you can rule out facilities that don't have them. For example, someone who requires cognitive care may need to work with a staff that understands their concerns. Even if you're talking about occasional help with laundry or cleaning, your criteria will narrow the list.


The location of an assisted living facility can be just as important as what it offers. Is it close to shops and amenities, for example? Does it have access to outdoor activities that you like? Is the location scenic?

You may also want to think about accessibility for visitors. Family members will appreciate available parking at a location they can easily find.

Costs and Coverage

Pricing is another factor that can rapidly narrow your list of options. That doesn't mean you have to focus on budget-friendliness as the only factor, but it will help you choose between two locations that seem to be otherwise equal.

Similarly, if you're going to have an insurance provider cover some of the costs, it's best to speak with them about what they'll cover. A facility might not be on their list, and they may need to seek approval before you can move.

Also, your insurance carrier has experience with local facilities. They can tell you which ones are popular and why.

Drop In for a Visit

The typical assisted living facility is open to visitors at some points throughout the week. Drop by and see what the place is like on any given day. If possible, try to come a bit before mealtime because it can give you a better sense of how the staff helps residents and deals with daily preparations. You'll get a sense of what social life is like at the facility, too. Also, feel free to ask a handful of questions of the staff members.

Speak With Friends and Family Members

Someone you know may already have experience with the facility or even live there. It's a good idea to ask around. Even if no one knows, they might reach out on social media and learn from their network of friends.