Indications That Your Elderly Parent Is Ready to Get Enrolled in a Memory Care Facility

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A memory care facility is a residential center for people with memory issues. Such facilities have professionals trained to handle people with dementia, such as the elderly and people with Alzheimer's disease. Mild memory loss in seniors is a common occurrence that can be handled at home. However, this condition can snowball to an alarming level that might necessitate the presence of a full-time caregiver to avoid any unprecedented accidents. Here are some warning signs that it is time to register your elderly parent with a memory care home.

Forgetting Familiar Faces and Places

An apparent symptom of dementia is when your elderly parent starts forgetting the faces of beloved ones. When you notice that they cannot recall family and friends, you should consider enrolling them at a memory care facility. Failing to do this could greatly affect their relationships and cause a change in behavior.

If your loved one starts getting lost in places they were previously used to, it's time to take them to a care center. Such disorientation might put them at risk of dangerous situations such as car accidents which can be averted by enrolling them in a memory care unit.

Unexplainable Bruises

Once in a while, you'll discover a bruise in your elderly parent's body that you didn't know existed. However, injuries that are overly frequent are a cause for concern. You should be especially concerned if the cuts are deep and painful, but the person cannot explain or remember where they got injured.

Such occurrences endanger their physical safety and could lead to bigger accidents that may deteriorate their health. They will be watched constantly in a memory care facility to prevent such injuries.

Incontinence and Poor Self-Care

Older people tend to neglect proper hygiene practices they were keen to do in their youth. This may be caused by weakened bones and muscles, fatigue, or dementia. Forgetting simple daily hygiene practices like bathing, brushing teeth, and combing their hair could be an indication of memory loss. The situation becomes aggravated when incontinence is involved. If they can no longer maintain their hygiene, you should consider enrolling them in a nursing home where they will receive the utmost care.

Leaving Burners and Appliances Unattended

Leaving your elderly parent who suffers from dementia alone is risky. This is because they can easily leave appliances such as burners unattended. This is dangerous as it can start a fire, causing more trouble.

When you notice that your senior parent has been leaving appliances on unintentionally, it might be time to sign them into a memory care center. That way, you will not have to worry about their safety constantly.

If you notice that your elderly parent can no longer comprehend what is happening in their environment, enrolling them in a memory care facility is fundamental. There, a caregiver can watch them carefully, safeguarding them from accidents.